Long Valley Soccer League – Spring 2018 Registration

Long Valley REC Soccer Association (LVRSA)
Long Valley United Soccer Club (LVUSC)
are working together to make
one stronger spring program!

The LVRSA board is working together with the LVUSC board to enhance the traditional Spring League that many have become accustomed to participating in for the last decade. Whereas, the Spring League was focused strictly on game play at all levels, the combined boards are excited to announce that they have incorporated your feedback, and will be enhancing the traditional game play with trainer-led, pre-game instruction for the Pre-K through 4th grade levels!

Our 5th grade-12th grade leagues will remain unchanged, focused strictly on game play, as in prior years. The focus here is on having some competitive fun with your friends through regularly-scheduled Saturday games, while still being able to participate in other Long Valley or high school sports offerings.

As in past years, there will be a Division coordinator, who will help organize the program for each age group and we are looking forward to working with our willing volunteers, old and new. Please reach out with your interest in being a Division coordinator, or Assistant Division Coordinator.

Note that no tryouts are required as this is not a “travel” program and all regional residents are welcome to participate.

Please click on the appropriate link below to register your daughter or son in their age group.  This link will take you to the LV Travel website (don’t panic!  This is NOT a Travel program, we are simply using the Travel website registration form temporarily).  You will be asked to register a new account (if you have not created one before), or if you have participated on a travel team before, simply sign in using your email address.

Boys Registrations: Girls Registrations:
Boys Pre-K and Kindergarten Girls Pre-K and Kindergarten
Boys 1st and 2nd Grade Girls 1st and 2nd Grade
Boys 3rd and 4th Grade Girls 3rd and 4th Grade
Boys 5th and 6th Grade Girls 5th and 6th Grade
Boys 7th and 8th Grade Girls 7th and 8th Grade
Boys High School 9th-12th Grade Girls High School 9th-12th Grade

Fees are collected via Credit Card on this webform, and a Medical Waiver form also needs to be filled out on this webform.  Please have your health insurance and Doctor information on hand before you start Registration for your child.

Cost for Pre-K through 4th grades is $45 to help cover the cost of certified trainers, there will also be scrimmages as part of the session every Saturday.

Cost for 5th grade through 12th grade is $35 – scrimmages only.


Dates: Saturdays only, starting approximately April 8th, 2018

Pre-K and Kindergarten (instruction & game play):   9:00am – 9:45am

1st and 2nd Grades (instruction & game play):   9:45am – 10:45am

3rd and 4th Grades (instruction & game play):   10:45am – Noon

5th thru 8th Grades (game play only):   schedule and location TBD

9th thru 12th Grades (game play only):   schedule and location TBD

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