Rec Contacts

LVRSA is an independently run Non-Profit organization. The entire program is run with fees obtained during registration. The fees are used to ensure we provide the children with high quality equipment, uniforms, training, coaches, fields, lights, and other necessities.

Our program is fully run by volunteers who have families, jobs, and other responsibilities outside of LVRSA.  Please be considerate and respectful by not calling members prior to 9AM and no later than 9PM.

We have over 1,000 participants in the program and strive to address questions promptly. Please ensure your subject line is clear, your questions are brief, and your child’s information such as grade and coaches name is provided. Also, many times there are open positions and we’re always in need of volunteers to Coach, Assistant Coach, Line Fields, and work in other capacities, why not step up?


 Kindergarten – GIRLS and BOYS  Scott Wood  (908) 447-2330
 PeeWee – BOYS (Grades 1-2)  Bill Trubella  (973) 868-4115
 PeeWee – GIRLS (Grades 1-2)  Ed Debrot  (862) 881-7582
 Minor – BOYS (Grades 3-5)  Bob Dilling  (908) 229-6110
 Minor – GIRLS (Grades 3-5)  Shannan Clogher
 Major – BOYS (Grades 6-8)  Ed Debrot  (862) 881-7582
 Major – GIRLS (Grades 6-8)  Tim Decker  (908) 876-7068
 Senior – BOYS (Grades 9-12)  Bob Curtis
 Senior – GIRLS (Grades 9-12)  Kim Rainforth  (973) 865-4839
 Spring Soccer (Grades PreK-12)  Ed Debrot  (862) 881-7582


 President  Ed Debrot  (908) 876-9038
 Vice-President  Bill Trubella  (973) 868-4115
 Treasurer  Bob Dilling  (908) 229-6110
 Recording Secretary  Scott Wood  (908) 447-2330
 Trustee Dave Meehan  (908) 876-9818
 Trustee  Dan Twomey  (908) 876-3349
 Trustee  Shannan Clogher


 Equipment Coordinator  Bill Trubella
Scott Wood
 (973) 868-4115
(908) 447-2330
 Field Scheduler  Ed Debrot  (862) 881-7582
 Field Lining Coordinator  Ryan Davies
 Kids-Safe Coordinator  TBD    
 Photo Night Coordinator  Bob Dilling  (908) 229-6110
 Referee Coordinator  David Wahl  (908) 377-5441
 Coach Training Coordinator  TBD    
 Rules Official  David Wahl  (908) 377-5441
 Sponsorship Coordinator  Bill Trubella  (973) 868-4115
 Trophy Coordinator  Bob Dilling  (908) 229-6110
 Uniforms/Apparel  Jalal Oveisi  (908) 813-2374
 Website Administrator  Ed Debrot  (908) 876-9038


 Wash. Twp. Recreation Dept.    (908) 876-5941
 Field Assignment and Maintenance  Darlene Hatcher  (908) 876-5941